A silent space stimulates a feeling of protection; it’s a prerequisite to avoid distractions and improve focus. Quitemoon creates the right conditions to work or to relax during free time, it can adapt itself to each situation.
All material is chosen with care. Quitemoon is the sum of the elements, thought and chosen with great attention. It is the fusion of prestigious wood, elegant glass surfaces, sound deadening panels and an innovative internal and external design. The glass is fixed directly into the structure without visible perimetral outlines, an elegant effect that is emphasized by the exterior, rounded corners, which makes the structure look suspended.
Quitemoon can have led lighting, air conditioning and a heating system integrated, to be completely independent from the surrounding space.

Air Conditioning

Quitemoon has a silent integrated air change system available and it can be combined with an air-con system (without external unit) in two different versions: only cold or heat pump (hot/cold), both come with a dehumidifier and air flow.

Air Conditioning Inside a Cabinet Container

We suggest placing the air-con unit in a cabinet. It can be combined with others of the same look to achieve a flat useful surface over the storage space.


It’s possible to get lighting placed into a 4akustik slat in an aluminum profile that contains a powerful Led strip.
It is easy to switch on and off and has a dimmer that can be controlled via a remote control.

Cables Passage

Upon request, cable passages may be installed that supply electricity and support data transfer.

Door Control

The door may be secured with an electronic access pad.

Interior Furnishing


There are 3 table height options in order to adapt to your needs.

Sound Deadening Cabinets

Cabinets are comprised of sound deadening materials.


Quitemoon S

Perfect for small briefing areas.

Quitemoon M

Perfect for conference rooms, executive offices, etc.

Quitemoon L

Perfect for showrooms, a cafe, etc.

Glass Surfaces

Frontal Glass, Partially Closed

The passage is placed in the middle of the two lateral glasses.

Frontal Glass with Sliding Door

The passage can be placed centrally or sideways.

Frontal Glass Fully Closed