Acoustic Pods



A special room, completely indipendent.


Acoustic comfort. High attention to details and design.


Elegance and personality. Customizable for each its part




A special room.

A silent space stimulates in our brain the feeling of protection; it’s a prerequisite to avoid distractions and improve focus on what we are doing. Quitemoon creates the right conditions to work or to relax during the free time, it can adapt itself to each situation.






Acoustic comfort.

All material is chosen with care. Quitemoon is the sum of the  elements thought and chosen with a great attention, it is the fusion of prestigious wood, nice to touch and look, elegant glass surfaces, sound deadening and innovative internal and external design.  A great elegance is brought by the glasses, fixed directly into the structure without visible perimetral outlines, an elegant effect that is emphasized by exterior, rounded corners, which makes the structure look suspended.



Elegance and personality.

Quitemoon can have a led light, air conditioning and heating system integrated, to be completely indipendent from the surrounding space.
An element that includes design and functionality.




Quitemoon S
A waiting room, a place where little briefings take part, a clinic, an office… These are only some of the possibilities.

Quitemoon M

An executive office, a conference room, a music room, a private calm space for fair stands or airports…QuiteMoon is wherever you want it.

Quitemoon L

A real room, a café, a restaurant, a duty free space, a space for babies, events or showroom… QuiteMoon has got a lot of space.

Glasses surfaces

Frontal glasses partially closed

The passage is placed in the middle of the two lateral glasses.






Frontal glasses with sliding door

The passage can be placed centrally or sideways.






Frontal glasses fully closed

Doesn’t provide a passage.






Air conditioning

Air conditioning

Quitemoon has available a silent integrated air change system and it can be combined with an air-con system (without external unit) in two different versions: only cold or heat pump hot/cold, both with the function of air flow and dehumidifier.




Air conditioning inside a cabinet container

For aesthetic needs about the position of the air-con unit, we suggest to place it inside  a closed cabinet. It can be combined with others of the same look to get a flat useful surface over a storage space.




Lights and access control


It’s possible to get, placed into a 4akustik slat an aluminum profile that brings inside a Led powerful strip, easy to switch on and off and dimmer thanks to a smart remote control. (no one receiving sensor in view).





Cables passage

It can be requested even the arrangment for the electrical and data sockets.






Door control

It can be supplied with electonic check of the accesses through password.






Interior furnishing


It’s possible to get tables of three differents heights, to get always an high custom possibility.






Sound deadening cabinets

Differents heights and widths, internal and external optionals available to meet always every need.







Here you will find a great range of accessories which add functionality and design and which increase in a discrete but successful way the potentiality of BOX Quitemoon.






A service which lets you personalise every product of the BOX line to face every kind of necessity. It is possible to ask for out-of-standard dimensions, colour tonalities and printings with any kind of images and nuance, you can have fire-resistant products and personalizations as regards assembly, transport and accessories.





There are available several colors, finishes and decorations, to customized the product and meet each kind of aesthetical and functional need.
Download the PDF file about the BOX Quitemoon color combinations.






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