Acoustic Pods



Unlimited flexibility, selfstanding, acoustically performing spaces.


A room in a open spaces which can be customize in many ways.


The silence becomes a reason to group people together. A cosy space.




Unlimited flexibility.

The high sound absorption, the quality of the finishes and the richness of the details give birth to technical, functional and aesthetic space that can not be forgotten.
Different level of internal acoustic or choose the number or position of the glass modules are some of the possibilities of Qubstik.





Rooms in already-existing spaces.

A cosy space where you can talk calmly without being disturbed or receive a client with the right privacy; a modern area, looked after in every detail, a bright room, distinguished by a great sound deadening performance; in one world: Qubstik.






The silence becomes a reason to group people together.

Feeling welcome when you enter somewhere is one of the priorities to distinguish that space from the others.
Qubstik has got a large range of accessories to customized and improve the functionalities of the walls and of the room: tv brackets, wooden shelves, coat hangers and lights are only some of the possibilities to satisfy everyone’s needs.








Qubstk S.

A small waiting room, a place where meet, speak or have a break time.





Qubstik M.

An office where meet customers or collegues, a smart room that become aven relax corner.





Qubstik L.

Conference, meeting or briefing in a real acoustic room separated from the outside.





Types of walls

Sound deadening walls.

The sound deadening walls are made with the 4akustik, covered on the outside by smooth slats and on the inside can be smooth or drilled and milled made out of MDF type 28/4,  completely or partially sound deadening.




Glass module.

Qubstik offers the possibility to joint together, in line or perpendicular, the sound deadening walls, the glass modules or the sliding door modules, in this way to let pass the light inside the space made.
The glass can be transparent, frosted or decorated.




Sliding glass door module.

The sliding door module is made by a sliding glass door, placed always between two sound deadening walls or between a wall and a corner. The door has got a vertical handle, made by a profile available in real oak wood or aluminum.






On top of the walls, glass modules or doors, is laid a sound deadening ceiling made with 4akustik and fiber insulator, closed by panels above.





Lighting and access control


It's possible to get, placed into a 4akustik slat an aluminum profile that brings inside a Led powerful strip, easy to switch on and off and dimmer





Cable passage

It can be requested even the arrangment for the electrical and data sockets.thanks to a smart remote control. (no one receiving sensor in view).





Access control

It can be supplied with electonic check of the accesses through password.






Interior furnishing


It's possible to get tables of three differents heights, to get always an high custom possibility.





Sound deadening cabinets

Differents heights and widths, internal and external optionals available to meet all the needs.







Here you will find a great range of accessories which add functionality and design and which increase in a discrete but successful way the potentiality of BOX Quitemoon.






A service which lets you personalise every product of the BOX line to face every kind of necessity. It is possible to ask for out-of-standard dimensions, colour tonalities and printings with any kind of images and nuance, you can have fire-resistant products and personalizations as regards assembly, transport and accessories.





There are available several colors, finishes and decorations, to customized the product and meet each kind of aesthetical and functional need.
Download the PDF file about the BOX Quitemoon color combinations.















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