Qubstik is a highly flexible, selfstanding, acoustically performant space. It provides a an open space while simultaneously suppressing excess sound.

Unlimited Flexibility

The high sound absorption, the quality of the finishes, and the richness of the details give birth to a functional and aesthetic space that can not be forgotten.
Qubstik has different acoustic options along with different glass modules to complement your workspace's feel.

Fits Anywhere

Qubstik provides a cozy space where you can talk calmly without being disturbed. A modern workspace, crafted with an attention to detail, combined with sound deadening acoustical panels provides the perfect work environment.


A sound deadening ceiling made with 4akustik fiber insulators, encloses the top of the Qubstik pod.


It’s possible to get lighting placed into a 4akustik slat in an aluminum profile that contains a powerful Led strip.
It is easy to switch on and off and has a dimmer that can be controlled via a remote control.

Cables Passage

Upon request, cable passages may be installed that supply electricity and support data transfer.

Door Control

The door may be secured with an electronic access pad.


There are 3 table height options in order to adapt to your needs.

Interior Furnishing

Sound Deadening Cabinets

Cabinets comprised of sound deadening materials.