MESSANA changes the way buildings are conditioned and reduces the carbon footprint of its clients. The heating and air conditioning system in your home can have a significant impact on YOUR carbon footprint. A MESSANA system helps save energy and lower energy bills.

Radiant Delivery System

A high performance RADIANT DELIVERY SYSTEM for residential and commercial buildings. Hydronic distribution systems use water to move energy from where it is produced to where it is needed through a small circulator pump, reducing energy use and allowing an optimal distribution of heat.
The hot water (in the winter season) and the cold water (summer) generated by the heating and cooling source (typically a heat pump or a combination of boiler and chiller) is conveyed through an innovative press fittings technology and piping system to the active ceiling panels (Ray Magic gypsum panels) that in the winter deliver heat to the room and in the summer extract the excess heat via the chilled ceiling.

Climate Control Platform

Explore the latest home climate control technology designed specifically for radiant cooling and heating systems. MESSANA offers a unique CLIMATE CONTROL PLATFORM designed with 20-years of experience in hydronic radiant cooling and heating. The Messana control system integrates a unique technology to modulate radiant fluid temperatures so that surfaces stay above the dew-point, while keeping occupants comfortable and optimizing energy efficiency.


HVAC/Radiant automation and control module

The main unit of the home climate control system. Typically installed in the mechanical room, it regulates the home energy flow to deliver optimal Thermal Wellbeing™. mBox controls energy resources (heat pumps, chillers and boilers) with multi-staging, Domestic Hot Water (DHW), Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) based on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Neutral Temperature Dehumidification (NTD).


zoning module (available for 8 or 12 zones)

The mZone module connects up to 12 mSense room sensors. It is installed at manifold location to activate thermal actuators, recirculating pumps, mixing valves, 2-way and 6-way zone valves and air handlers. mZone is designed for 2-pipe as well as for 4-pipe distribution systems for simultaneous heating and cooling demand. It also works with hybrid radiant/forced-air cooling and heating systems.


A new generation of room comfort sensors

In the past, typical room thermostats only provided air temperature as the sole index of thermal conditions. An HVAC control system, based uniquely on air temperature, does not account for other key comfort elements. mSense measures the three fundamental indoor environmental parameters that influence the wellbeing and thermal conditions of occupants: operative temperature, relative humidity and air quality.

Messana App

web and mobile full-system control app

The new Messana web and mobile app, gives you full control of the radiant cooling and heating system from anywhere in the world. It features a friendly and intuitive user interface to interact with even the most sophisticated radiant/forced-air systems at your fingertips. The Messana web and mobile app fits seamlessly in your life to provide the perfect Thermal Wellbeing™, precisely when and where you want it.

Air Treatment Units (ATU)

Breathing healthy and clean air is also an important part of your Thermal Wellbeing™. This is why Messana has developed a complete range of AIR TREATMENT UNITS (ATU) specifically designed for radiant cooling to ensure increased Indoor Air Quality and the comfort of the occupants.
Messana neutral temperature dehumidifiers (NTD) with integrated heat recovery ventilation (HRV) allow you to introduce fresh dehumidified air from outside without wasting energy. Even in critical external conditions, Air Magic units are able to maintain the temperature of the supplied air “neutral” with the room (isothermal).