Acoustic Solutions


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Concept Unlimited flexibility, selfstanding, acoustically performing spaces.   A room in a open spaces which can be customize in many ways.   The silence becomes a reason to group people together. A cosy space.     General Unlimited flexibility. The high sound absorption, the quality of the finishes and the richness of the details give birth to technical, […]


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Concept A special room, completely indipendent.   Acoustic comfort. High attention to details and design.   Elegance and personality. Customizable for each its part       General A special room. A silent space stimulates in our brain the feeling of protection; it’s a prerequisite to avoid distractions and improve focus on what we are doing. Quitemoon creates […]

Silent Pod

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Silent Pod are silent rooms for use in open-plan offices and public environments. Silent Pod lifts the term flexible offices to a higher level regarding user-friendliness and architecture. Silent Pod is adaptable the surroundings and provides easy access to quiet zones for different uses.