About us

Swiss Born Architect Italian Heritage, GC license in CA, based in California since 1994, passionate about Design Solutions, Quality, Perfection, Cutting Edge pushing the envelope and developing custom solutions for clients. Our International Team and Network allows us to be your Partner with inhouse specialists that have many years of experience.

Our Priority is Perfection.

Our specialties

Glass Partition –  Acoustical Glass selection, Glass Embedded Touchpad, Magnetic and Whiteboard Glass, Picture or Pattern Glass solutions. You have a vision we find the solution.


Options Single Glass Double Glass Single or Double Glass Switchable Motorized
Glass Wall Straight  ✓
Swing Door with Closer Integrated and Drop Seal Frameless or Framed/Flush ✓ Framed/Flush ✓ Framed/Flush ✓
Sliding Door Unframed/Framed ✓ Framed ✓ Framed ✓ Framed ✓
Curved Wall
Shades, Lighting, Raised Floor and Ceiling Integrated


Acoustical Panels and Acoustical Rooms and Pods  

Radiant Heating and Cooling Panels in Gypsum, Acoustical Wood Panels and Metal Panels 

Office Furniture and Seating  

Custom Design/Design Built, Solutions for any space build-out  

Coordination of various trades  

Construction Management/Project Management